Products, Brands and Innovations

We have the technological possibilities to produce the widest selection of fabrics (tricots, double tricots, satins, satinettes, tulles, fantasies, and so on) as well as the capacity to apply the highest level of finishes (dressing, softening, printing, resin, lacquer, microcapsuling, fireproofing, etc.) and the flexibility to adapt to the wishes and needs of our clients.

PUNTIBLOND is the only company in the sector that does not require third parties to complete all the manufacturing processes of its fabrics.

The PUNTIBLOND group brings together all the companies and services needed for manufacturing the most varied, demanding and ambitious range of fabrics. Our clients have the advantage that they can concentrate all the production phases and finishes of their articles in a single interlocutor.

PUNTIBLOND has a wide range of articles, among which we would highlight our star product in stretch fabric, the range of Colibrí® articles. The almost fifty different articles in the Colibrí® line are light fabrics which, at the same time, guarantee gentle, comfortable control, making them particularly useful for moulded garments with new, avant-garde styles.